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  a perianal fistula is an abnormal connection between the epithilialised surface of the anal canal and the skin. Obstruction of anal gland which leads to stasis and infection with absces and fistula formation (most common cause). Anal fistula is a chronic abnormal communication between the epithelialised surface of the anal canal and usually the perianal skin. An anal fistula can be described as a narrow tunnel with its internal opening in the anal canal and its external opening in the skin near the anus. Anal fistulae commonly occur in people with a history of anal abscesses.   an anal fistula is a tunnel that runs from inside the anus-- the hole your body uses to get rid of solid waste -- to somewhere in the skin around it. Perianal fistula (or fistula-in-ano) (plural fistulae or fistulas) is the presence of a fistulous tract acrossbetweenadjacent to the anal sphincters and is usually an inflammatory condition 4. Grade iii right peri-anal trans-sphincteric fistulous tract with inflammatory changes of the right ischio-anal and ischiorectal fossae. Perianal fistula, also known as anal furunculosis is a serious medical condition that most commonly affects german shepherd dogs. Perianal fistulas are characterized by chronic, purulent, smelly, ulcerating, sinus tracts in the anal region and surrounding skin. More recent studies indicate that the condition is more likely caused by an autoimmune disease. An anal fistula is a small tunnel that develops between the end of the bowel and the skin near the anus (where poo leaves the body). Theyre usually the result of an infection near the anus causing a collection of pus in the nearby tissue. When the pus drains away, it can leave a small channel behind.   anal fistulas are a common manifestation of crohns disease (cd). The first manifestation of the disease is often in the peri-anal region, which can occur years before a diagnosis, particularly in cd affecting the colon and rectum. The treatment of peri-anal fistulas is difficult and always multidisciplinary. A fistula is defined as an abnormal connection between two structures or organs or between an organ and the surface of the body. In the case of perianal fistula, it is a connection between the anal canal and the skin of the perineum. Perianal fistulization is an uncommon process, with a prevalence of 0. Perianal fistulas are tunnel-like formations in the skin and deeper tissues that surround the anal area of dogs. The lesions vary in severity but at first appear as small oozing holes in the skin. These holes may become wide and deep and surround the entire circumference of the anus.

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