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5 sexually transmitted cancers symptoms to know, treatments, and diagnosis nov 7, 2016 0203 pm by dana dovey danadovey d. Com while we dont often think of cancer as being a contagious disease, forms of cancer caused by the human papillomavirus (hpv) can be sexually transmitted. Although rare, anal cancer is becoming more prevalent in the united states and many other developing countries. The condition develops in the tissues of the anus, which is a short tube that connects the lower part of the large intestine, known as the rectum, to the outside of the body. Anal cancer incidence rates are 30 times higher in human immunodeficiency virus (hiv)-infected individuals compared with the general population 1, 2, with the highest reported rates among hiv-infected men who have sex with men (msm). Developing an effective strategy for screening hiv-infected msm is therefore essential. Human papillomavirus (hpv) causes a variety of anogenital cancers and is considered the primary cause of anal canal cancer 1, 2. Anal cancer is a rare disease a total of 4650 diagnoses of anal carcinoma and 690 deaths were expected in the united states in 2007, with approximately 40 of the diagnoses and deaths being expected to occur in men. What causes anal cancer? Nearly all (90) anal cancers are attributable to persistent infection with hpv, the cause of genital warts. Certain strains of hpv are known to be oncogenic (cancer-causing), especially types hpv 16 and 18, and these two infections cause more than 90 of anal cancers. Rarely, subtyping of hpv has detected low-risk strains such as hpv 6 or multiple strains of hpv. 7 percent of all digestive system malignancies in the united states only 8590 new cases are diagnosed annually. Data on worldwide incidence are available from the globocan database. The incidence of anal cancer in the general population has increased over the last 30 years, both in the united states and elsewhere. Anal cancer prevention approaches include reducing anal human papillomavirus (hpv). The only statistically significant or relating to sexual practices was for seven or more unprotected anal receptive sexual partners during the time between study onset and the third study visit (or, 4.). Human papillomavirus (hpv) is a group of viruses that are extremely common worldwide. There are more than 100 types of hpv, of which at least 14 are cancer-causing (also known as high risk type). Hpv is mainly transmitted through sexual contact and most people are infected with hpv shortly after the onset of sexual activity. Thus, in most cases, anal cancer is now considered a sexually transmitted disease, which is clinically related to the development of anal warts and infection with human papillomavirus (hpv). At the molecular level, the most well-characterized factor in the development of anal cancer is the integration of human papillomavirus dna into anal canal cell chromosomes. Anal cancer is a cancer which arises from the anus, the distal opening of the gastrointestinal tract. Symptoms may include bleeding from the anus or a lump near the anus. Other symptoms may include pain, itchiness, or discharge from the anus.

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